Winner of the 2016 Shingo Prize
This course offers you the opportunity to learn the secrets of lean leadership through an education model that is itself lean, and extends that lean education far beyond the course materials. It is designed to fit your life and specific needs, offering the best possible value and education.

Our Leadership Development Model (LDM) will help you break through development plateaus, with tailored coaching to guide you at each step. Our user-friendly Learning Management System offers a seamless coach and student interaction, and even provides the ability to establish training cohorts for group learning opportunities.

Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels, our foundational offering, leverages a 2-part learning plan:

  1. LDM Overview and Leadership Development theory, including over 25 hours of video content delivered by Jeffrey K. Liker (8 weeks)
  2. Execute and demonstrate Toyota Business Practices (TBP) actions and values through a relevant, value-add project for Green, Black, Master Black, and Lean Champion levels (12 weeks)

Development occurs on multiple fronts; personal, professional, project, and coaching. All Green Belt and higher programs include cascaded registrations for students at each lower belt level, driving a compounding total value for larger and higher-level training initiatives. Pre- and post-assessments help you understand how far you have come and where to focus next, supporting continuous growth and progression.