Toyota Way to Lean Leadership Course Objectives

The Liker Leadership Institute (LLI) would like to thank you for considering the Green Belt Certification course which includes 20 hours of WebEx coaching by an LLI Coach.

The goal of the Green Belt course is to accelerate true lean transformation towards creating Lean Leaders at all levels in an organization. The course helps organisations develop leaders from within at all levels in the organization, rather than relying on consultants, thereby ensuring sustainability.

The Learning Objectives are to:

  • Understand Lean Leadership Characteristics
  • Understand how to develop a lean leader
  • Focus on problem solving process
  • Progress through the stages at a basic level
    • Self- develop
    • Coach and Develop Others
    • Support Daily Kaizen
    • Align goals through Hoshin Kanri

This will be done by:

  • Doing an actual project (approximately 4 month duration)
  • Writing a Daily Project Diary - and communicating with coach (in a web office)
  • Reporting to their LLI Coach in A3 Format (single side of one piece of paper)
  • Following the LLI Coach through the process step by step:
    • Define problem at a high level (grasp the situation)
    • Establish the team and a team charter with the team
    • Begin the problem solving process
    • At each step, e.g., define the problem, the coach asks challenging questions, asks how it is being done (to be sure following a good process, does not let student proceed until has done a good job at that step, follows coaching process as in Managing to Learn.
    • Final presentation of A3 to the LLI Coach via Skype or WebEx, with the team.
  • Focusing mostly on phase 1 (self-development), however the student gets started on other 3 phases:
    1. Coach and develop others—On the project team itself
    2. Support Daily kaizen—Establishes visual management system and cadence of problem solving.
    3. Identifies with coach, the key performance indicators and next step plan for further problem solving.